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We train influencers

We provide workshops from experts covering a wide range of skills that are essential to raise as a social media influencer. From Instagram and Youtube optimization and media planning, photography and videography, editing, self-makeup, fashion styling, posing, to the relationship with followers. Our speakers are industry experts and influencers.

We assist influencers

Taking great photoshoots and editing require help from other people and can be time-consuming. We groom influencers. We offer photography, videography, editing, copy-writing, make-up, and fashion grooming, but also social media campaign management services to our influencers so they can focus on their activities and creativity.

We match influencers with brands

We give our influencers access to brand endorsement. We use a machine-learning algorithm, based on criteria such as context, psychographics, and historical performance, to match brands with influencers who engage better with their audience. It allows influencers to grow their follower base and engagement rate, and especially to get noticed by the brands they like as a professional influencer.

Untuk beberapa bisnis kecil lainnya kami juga bekerja sama dengan brand - brand top dari industri fashion, food & beverage hingga workshops dan fitness untuk campaign pemasaran influencer kami.

Berikut merupakan beberapa foto - foto influencer dengan konten - konten yang sudah disponsori

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