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What is Mavenful?

Mavenful is an Influencer-Generated Content platform that matches influencers to brands. Mavenful offers an effective content marketing solution through authentic influencer-generated content, and gives influencers the opportunity to experience being a content creator in the field of their interest.

Intermediary between influencer and brand or agency

Why Mavenful?

Fully managed influencer marketing campaign

Fully managed campaigns

Just share your product or service description with us. We match it with the relevant influencers, we engage with them, manage the relationship, capture their contents, and track the performance.


Result and data reporting

Generate awareness and get content through a data-driven selection of influencers. Get data and insights from your campaign.

See reporting with data
Generate Awarness and Use Content through your favorite channels

Awareness and original content at scale

Get authentic content to refresh your images/videos on other channels, with a better click-through rate. Influencers provide authentic content instead of a briefed post.

4,385Signed-up Influencers
Average followers
48,536Average Followers per Influencer
Total followers
212,829,867Total Followers


Travel & Tourism travel
Restaurants & Food restaurants
Beauty & Cosmetics beauty
Luxury Goods luxury
Fashion & Accessories fashion
Gaming gaming

Influencer-generated content

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